Immersive Learning and Personal Development

I design and conduct customized workshops that blend with your organization’s culture and help leaders identify and develop their own personal development practice. Immersive learning workshops blend many of the benefits of coaching with the group dynamics of community to develop an internal organizational network committed to leadership through personal development. 

Using the 4 Touchpointssm as a process for reflection and awareness, real life and workplace experiences become part of an authentic group conversation. Participants learn how to get their story straight, have their heart in the right place, and be able to meet each moment as both a teaching and learning opportunity.

The questions of who I am, where I belong, what I care about, and what is my purpose are used as practical vehicles for learning a language for complex, strategic thinking—thinking that can discriminate between problems to be solved, dilemmas to be managed, and the challenge of holding competing commitments in the present moment. Leaders learn “not to judge too soon, or to decide too late” and that nobody makes it on their own.

Click on the brief video above to hear my view on the "seeds and soil" of personal development.