Current Projects

Bringing positive change to 21st century living

I seek to identify and engage clients and projects that develop leadership through personal development. In addition to executive coaching, mentoring, consulting and workshops, my primary projects currently include:

  • Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), . BGI offers an MBA in sustainable business. I serve on the faculty, teaching leadership and personal development. This unique program provides grounding in the foundations of business, practical exploration of sustainable systems and business practices, and includes leadership through personal development as an experiential course track throughout the two year program. Students explore who to be as well as what to be in a world facing profound change and challenges.
  • Executive Networks, . Executive Networks is a world leader in Human Resource, Learning and Talent forums for senior executives from hundreds of the world's leading companies and organizations. I work with Executive Networks to design and deliver personal development experiences that extend the benefits of peer networking by integrating personal development into the member experience, enabling leaders to live with soul and lead with soul.
  • EQ Mentor, . I am a certified mentor providing individuals mentoring to enhance emotional intelligence. I also serve as a consultant for EQMentor, helping orgranizations discover how EQMentor's online subscription mentoring program can contribute to their needs for leadership development, talent management and learning.
  • The Purpose Project, . I am trained by and affiliated with the Purpose Project™, a joint project of the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing and Richard Leider of the Inventure Group. Discovering our purpose in life means asking and answering the essential question, “What makes me want to get out of bed in the morning?” Why is our answer important? Because purpose dramatically affects aging! As society finds itself facing an unprecedented longevity revolution, The Purpose Project will explore new ground in vital aging and retirement.
  • This website is scheduled for launch in winter 2009. It will provide individuals and organizations a rich media curriculum for personal development, focusing on achieving their potential while enjoying an internal, visceral sense of balance. The curriculum will include exploration of the 4 Touchpointssm  , Mind Mentorssm , and ReflectionPointssm .