Life Coaching

One-to-One Development on Life's Journey

Through Full Circle Learning I also provide a one-to-one development experience for select  individuals who want to optimize the use of their personal power and energy, but without a focus that includes a strategic business context. The goal is still to live with soul and lead with soul, but the immediate task is around identifying and framing a personal context in which to use the 4 Touchpointssm  as a process for deeper reflection and awareness.
For example, the context may involve living the second half of life more intentionally, living within the frame of health constraints, or adapting to significant life and relationship changes. The focus remains on learning how to get their story straight, have their heart in the right place, and be able to meet each moment as both a teaching and learning opportunity.
The questions of who I am, where I belong, what I care about, and what is my purpose are used as practical vehicles for learning a language for complex, strategic thinking—thinking that can discriminate between problems to be solved, dilemmas to be managed, and the challenge of holding competing commitments in the present moment.

Getting your story straight, your heart in the right place, touching the earth, reaching for the sky.