Creating Cultures of Leadership Through Personal Development

How do you “seed” a personal development culture in your organization and become a learning community? How can you bring personal development into your existing leadership development programs and strategy? Where does personal development fit in your coaching strategy? Internal coaches, external coaches, when and how are they appropriate? How can you use peer networking and communities of practice to catalyze personal development and become a learning community? If you’re just getting started, what do you put on your blank page to produce the greatest results?

I help organizations and practitioners responsible for leadership development ask these questions and design custom learning interventions that weave personal development into an organization business strategy and objectives. I can help your organization identify marketplace challenges, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and the organizational competencies and leadership skills you have to meet those driving forces. I draw on my personal network of talented colleagues to ensure the design, scope, and execution of an intervention is leveraged to your organizational needs.

Click on the brief video above to hear my view on Leadership and Through Personal Development.