Leadership Through Personal Development

What sense of purpose wakes you up in the morning? What passion carries you through the day? Are you fueled by retirement or refirement? Is it save the world or savor the world? What does sustaining soul mean to you?

My goal is to help individuals and organizations become more powerful and effective leaders by focusing on the individual’s personal development. In a time of rapid change, one of the most important elements of a fulfilling life is to be “grounded” in who you are. Through personal development you become a more effective leader. By answering questions like those above you engage your energy in a way that frees you to pursue your passions with full engagement. Through applying the answers to practical situations in your life and work, you will learn to hold the tension of opposing forces—at play in the complexity of any of life’s dilemmas—and find a balance that will lead to appropriate action.

With my background and leadership network, I can connect you in meaningful conversation with others who are:

  • deepening the meaning in their life by making their life's work count
  • pushing the boundaries of their own potential and performance by aligning what they think, what they feel, what they say and what they do
  • developing themselves as leaders who engage and inspire others through their own personal development
  • contributing positive perspectives and action to a world in the midst of profound change.

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Dr. John Koriath, President and CEO

Click on brief video below to hear my story and how I come to sustaining soul in everyday life.

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