John Jay Koriath, Ph.D.

A unique multidisciplinary background...

John is currently President and CEO of Full Circle Learning, Inc., a company whose activities focus on sustaining soul in everyday life. Through executive coaching, mentoring, consulting, workshops, and custom designed programs, Full Circle Learning helps individuals and organizations achieve leadership through personal development. He is coauthor of Executive Coaching for Results, to be published by Berret Kohler in November, 2007.

John serves on the faculty of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute,, where he teaches Leadership and Personal Development in the MBA in Sustainable Business Program.

John also serves as Vice President of Leadership Through Personal Development (LPD) at Executive Networks, a company that manages networks of peer executives from Fortune 1000 organizations in the areas of Executive Leadership Development, Learning, and Strategic HR . He identifies, designs, and delivers learning experiences for network members that emphasize their own development and deepen the soul of Executive Networks Communities of Practices.

John is also a certified mentor with EQMentor, providing mentoring focused on emotional intelligence. He is also trained by and affiliated with the Purpose Project™, a joint project of the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing and Richard Leider of the Inventure Group.
John is drawn to projects, people, and relationships that seek to bring positive change to 21st century living. He approaches his work with a diverse set of skills and experiences gathered in a career as an educator, scientist, and therapist. 

John spent two decades conducting retreat based workshops that employ experiential learning to improve health, stimulate personal growth, and enhance spiritual awareness. He is a co-founder of the Turtle Island Project, a non-profit organization whose programs integrate principles of mind and body through the teachings of Native American rituals and ceremonies. John is a student and instructor in the martial art of Aikido with over 20 years of practice. He holds the black belt rank of nidan and employs Aikido principles throughout his endeavors. 

John also served on the faculty of Arizona State University for ten years where he taught a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of psychology. His research endeavors, conducted in part as the Flinn Foundation Fellow for Cardiovascular Research, investigated topics as diverse as neurophysiological communication between the heart and brain, the psychological characteristics of survivors of life threatening illness, and the impact of betrayal on the experience of self.

Dr. John Koriath

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